Obesity Surgery Royston

Mr John Fleischl - Specialist Bariatric Surgeon

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Royston Hospital

Combining a complementary range of specialist medical and surgical services to the established hospital facility, the Royston Centre is home to more than 17 specialist surgeons, physicians and consultants, along with teams of radiologists, anaesthetists and physiotherapists. Royston Hospital employs more than 100 staff including more than 60 qualified nurses. Royston's medical professionals are enthusiastically supported by the hospital administrators and management.

These health professionals back the first-rate facilities and support services of the hospital, which includes 3 operating theatres, a 32 bed hospital, 8 recovery beds, a dedicated Endoscopy Suite and a modern High Dependency Unit, integrated Day Surgery Unit, and on-site laboratory, x-ray, MRI and other imaging services.

Go to www.royston.co.nz to find out more.

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