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LAP-BAND® Procedure

This is a 'key hole' procedure introducing an inflatable band which is placed around the upper stomach and is then in turn connected by way of a fine tube to a small hub which is place under the skin below the left breast which can be accessed by a needle to either inflate or deflate the band. The operation requires 24 - 48hrs of hospitalization and most can return to normal activity at a week. This operation results in a slower rate of weight loss than the gastric bypass and works by both restricting the amount of food that can be eaten at a sitting as well as having a secondary effect of reducing the degree of hunger one experiences. Following placement of the band one remains on a fluid diet for two weeks then pureed food for two weeks before resuming a normal diet.

This procedure does requiring ongoing follow up for band adjustments which involves inserting a needle into the hub and either adding or removing fluid depending on the rate of weight loss. These visits are normally monthly for six months then two monthly for the next six then after that six monthly or yearly.

There are problems that can arise following band insertion which include obstruction of food by the band, herniation of stomach through the band, band erosion through the wall of the stomach and infection of the hub. These are all uncommon and would all be discussed in full with anyone enquiring about having a band placed.

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