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Mr John Fleischl - Specialist Bariatric Surgeon

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Roux en Y Gastric Bypass

Is regarded by many as the gold standard by which other operations are judged. In essence it involves dividing the stomach at its upper end leaving a small pouch about the size of a thumb. The small bowel is then divided close to its origin and the distal cut end bought up and joined onto the small gastric pouch, the other end being joined to the small bowel further down its path there by allowing the other digestive juices made in the liver and pancreas to drain. This operation reduces both the amount of food one can eat at a sitting to the size of a small desert bowl portion, as well as reducing the amount that is absorbed.

It results in an early dramatic weight loss which plateaus out at about 18 months resulting in a reduction of about 70% of excess body weight. The operation is essentially non reversible, and patients following this surgery do need to take both supplementary vitamins and iron. Currently this operation is performed as an 'open' procedure rather that via the 'key hole' approach at our hospital.

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