Obesity Surgery Royston

Mr John Fleischl - Specialist Bariatric Surgeon

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All bariatric surgical procedures require a general anaesthetic. You will have an experienced specialist anaesthetist in constant attendance during your operation. He will ensure that you remain unconscious during the procedure and that you receive enough oxygen and anaesthetic drugs, and that all other physiological functions remain as near normal as possible. He is also responsible for your immediate postoperative comfort and general wellbeing. All anaesthetic and surgical procedures do come with inherent risks but these are very small.

Where possible your anaesthetist will want to meet with you well beforehand. This is to give him an opportunity to review your general medical history and to plan the safest anaesthetic and postoperative care. Also there may be questions and worries that you wish to discuss so that you are able to make as informed choices as possible in your overall treatment. A full written preoperative anaesthetic information brochure is provided at the time of booking your surgery and you should read this before seeing your anaesthetist.

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