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Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve gastrectomy is fast becoming one of the more popular surgical options available. This is a 'key hole' procedure which in essence reduces the size of the stomach by about 80%. Initially introduced as the the first of a two stage procedure, for the super obese, it became aparent that the second stage of the procedure was seldom needed.

Over the last seven years its results as a procedure on its own have been closely followed, and this has now become acceptable practice. Its main advantages are that it does not involve reconfiguring the digestive tract, so is less likely to result in significant malabsorption. Also it permits intake of the full range of foods, unlike lap-band, though in much smaller quantities. Reduction in appetite is an important feature, which results from removal of the part of the stomach which produce the proteins which stimulate appetite. And finally there are fewer side effects such as dumping, that one sees with the gastric bypass, or complications relating to the presence of an implant.

A recent study conducted from our own series has shown superior patient acceptance, both as regards quality of life and weight loss, when compared to the lap-band.

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